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Dec. 27th, 2007

OK, this is day nine of viral thing, and I have really had enough.

I'm ravenously hungry, as viral thing moved onto the gastric phase TMI ) on Christmas Eve and I haven't eaten much since then. Just had large breakfast. Regretting it.

At least the cold / flu symptoms from the weekend (sinus pain, sneezing, breathing difficulties) have gone, yay! (Managed solsticial stumble with [ profile] ladymoonray on Saturday: we picnicced in the fog. [ profile] major_clanger took me to see a view and some llamas on Sunday: I sneezed on 'em.) And though I'm tired, I am not as utterly shattered as I was at the end of last week.

It's getting in the way of Christmas though. Had a lovely day mostly at [ profile] ladymoonray's and at her mum's: presents! including the marvellous and gratifying restoration of much of my lost MP3 collection in the form of a new external drive onto which [ profile] swisstone and [ profile] ladymoonray had copied everything they'd copied from me: Voyage of the Damned, in which all named female characters (except the Queen) met a Fiery Martyrdom: Christmas dinner with all trimmings ...

Boxing Day (in Redhill) v. somnolent. We did go for a brief walk. Then off to Tonbridge via The Golden Compass (visually stunning, though v. chilly: rather superficial because so much plot was packed into two hours that there was little space for characterisation: insufficient Lord Asriel: Pan captivating). Then I came home and to bed, where I might stay until 2008. OK, very late 2007.

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