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Nov. 30th, 2007

1. Have let go of Nanowrimo work (managed a final chapter, though a very inconclusive and open-ended one: can fix later but needed that last line!). Early response v. positive. I was not being Selfless when I arranged to send it to co-author: getting something back matters a lot, especially on this project.

2. Today is Completion Day! (Or else.)

3. Depending on actual timing of point 2, today may be the day when I cancel direct debits to the tune of ~£750, pay the credit card bills in full, and open a high-interest account.

4. I have just played TRIAZINE for 131 points.

5. Still very hacked off with werk, but $Boss is not in today. Quite coincidentally I am not in a rush to get there ...

6. Today is my day off from working on anything (apart from, y'know, werk). So no writing, no morning pages, no creative endeavours, no book reviews, no reading for review. It will be refreshingly mundane. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

7. Good night's sleep (sorry [ profile] ladymoonray and [ profile] swisstone for abandoning you before we got to the New World, but I'd started to relax and the sleepiness was getting me -- not to mention the tension-ache).

Suppose I'd better get up ...

Good Friday

Nov. 30th, 2007 04:11 pm
tamaranth: me, in the sun (Default)
1. Has got NEW FONE (though there are some teething problems: I expect to be able to solve them with a call to BT though)
2. Has got NO FLAT! Completion yay!
3. Has got NO DEBTS! (well, not quite, yet; but I'm £20K less in debt than I was an hour ago)
4. Given 1-3, I am really past caring about werk. Will do a final publish for the day and head home.
5. in NEW COAT.
6. yay.
7. goto 6

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