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Nov. 18th, 2007

I am having a very pleasant weekend:

1. On Friday I picked up my shiny new friend, which does not disappoint. Though it is much heavier than the werk laptop, and my previous laptop (both pLatitude X300) the wide screen and stupendous battery life (nudging 7 hours, from full charge, if I'm using low-power apps like NoteTab) more than make up for the weight.

2. Over 6K on Nanowrimo since Friday ... well, really since Thursday morning, as Friday evening was taken up with software installation. (On the other hand, getting the laptop up and running with almost all the apps I need -- bar Palm and Creative stuff -- took under 90 mins: I remember when setting up a new machine took all day. If the disks worked.)

3. Have thrown out a large bagful of clothes that don't fit or don't enthrall me; put away summer clothes; retrieved winter clothes and hung 'em out to air. I still need a frivolous winter coat: eyeing a dark brown fake fur in one of the charity shops in town, but would be keener if it were a more frivolous colour.

4. Swam 500m yesterday and intend to repeat the exercise today.

5. Have self-diagnosed sinusitis (ongoing mild nausea / dizziness / headache; toothache, faceache, earache all on one side of face; sore throat; bloody snot) and am medicating. (Red wine helped a lot.)

6. Dvorak Symphonies.

7. Dipping into a delightful book that came extra with one of my Bookmooches: In with the Sea Wind, a collection of historical vignettes and anecdotes concerning the nautical history of New England. It's the kind of book my father would have owned (and for all I know did, though I don't [consciously] remember the title).

8. Later I may put some new music on my Zen Stone (at last!) and go for a walk in the woods.

9. Or not.

edited to add
10. And later I will watch, on my new toy, the rest of Captain Blood on DVD -- a jolly piratical romp that, despite its frequent and earnest claims to be set in the late 17th century, clearly takes place just before the American Civil War. The dresses! The carriages! The ham! Still, Errol Flynn very pretty, and his accent is a treat.

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