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Nov. 8th, 2007

Does anyone have an opinion on EI Systems cheap laptops?

Currently on 6th reboot of writing-laptop in the hope it'll let me far enough in that I can copy a new ntoskrnl.exe across -- though frankly I am not confident.

Keep worrying that werk will notice my werk laptop in action and be Suspicious ...
... or whatever it is. 'Cause GP gave me exciting new medication this morning (Maxalt, a.k.a. rizatriptan) and I am not convinced it is working as well as they assured me it would. Still queasy, headachy and visually disturbed. And very hacked off with feeling like this.

Fresh air

Nov. 8th, 2007 04:34 pm
tamaranth: me, in the sun (Default)
was about to go out for some, but it seemed to be full of sharp bits and wet stuff and horizontal botany. The garden looked like one of those Rousseau paintings of Exotic Weather. The wind was playing tunes in the chimney. The tree-swing was possessed.

In other news, I still feel rough but perhaps not as rough. Well, being online is not hurting my head yet. (Though this may change depending on how I filter my LJ reading.)

In other other news, I finally have a fuseboard in my flat! This is getting on 3 months after the incident in which the builders upstairs switched off my electricity and did not notice. Not to be confused with the water-through-the-ceiling episodes, the second of which has not yet been fixed, grrrrr. (Have not really been in a fit state to chase 'em this week.)

In otherother news, the fuseboard will not actually work until they have switched off the power, done stuff for a few hours and switched it back on.

In not-news-at-all, I have a vague memory of frantic deadlines last week.

All of the above makes me inclined to go to werk tomorrow. Even if briefly.
- book reviews written today: 2 (Dream Angus, The Virtu -- over here)
- favourite fantasy novels reread today: 0
- words of Nanowrimo written today: 4255
- time spent online without agonising headache: over an hour and counting.

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