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Sep. 5th, 2007

I wish to applaud someone for using a metaphor firmly grounded in the period in which their fiction is set. Is there an opposite of anachronism? (Logic tells me 'chronism', but I am unconvinced. Though a search on it did lead me to Langmaker, a Wiki about created languages, which is distracting fascinating.)
Reading this page on Lapine makes me want to reread Watership Down, which was my very favourite book when I was about ten and which I don't think I have read since my teens.

From the Langmaker main page:
"Lapine, the language [Adams] sketches for his rabbits, is arguably the best naming language ever created, and is a minimalist virtuoso performance, a haiku of a language compared to the sonnet of Sindarin. It's amazing how much can be accomplished with so little (56 words!)."
Found a link to this in the comments to one of [ profile] coffeeem's posts about Territory, which is delicious. [edit My review, pretty much spoiler-free, is over here.]

'Taken He Cannot Be'
I went down to the sorting office and came away with three things:

1. A suppressed smirk at their 'Community Affairs' award, certificate of which was hung on the wall, rather dusty and dated 1993.
2. The Family Sea (Piratica 3) -- Tanith Lee
3. Another book:Read more... )