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Aug. 9th, 2007


Aug. 9th, 2007 04:56 pm
tamaranth: me, in the sun (scales 4)
The property inspector, due at 8am this morning, 'forgot' until I phoned up (having spoken to the answerphone twice) at 9am: but all my housewerk and cat-vacuuming did not go to waste, and it's done for another three months.

The eBay seller who has been putting me off with excuses for non-arrival of item did this for so long that the 'report non-received item' and 'paypal refund' periods have expired: but at least I can stop chasing now (and it's not very much of a financial loss, and I did manage to buy an identical item without hassle).

The battery in my car key ran down between my getting out of the car at Tesco and breaking back into it: but no one in the Tesco carpark gave a damn that I was Stealing A Car (and I've had the battery replaced by the nice chap at Halfords).

My American colleague has been reviewing the wrong version of the screencasts: but this gives me some leeway re: acting on his feedback.

I have to go to Plymouth this weekend: but I might get a couple of hours on the beach. (And it's only Sat lunchtime til Sun afternoon.)
Can anyone recommend any?

Context: I'm using Wink to record screencasts of how to use our Fab Product*. I like it. One thing it won't easily do, though, is provide an Interactive User Experience. What I want is to have refresher quizzes: "which of these is a valid $FabProduct password?"; "Which screen do you see when you first log in?"; "In which order do you navigate to Centre, eCRF, Subject, Visit?"

I've found a few survey-makers, and a few rather gaudy freeware apps. And a handy blog post on how to code my own. But if there's a free (or cheapish) OS application out there I'd much rather use one.

*or Dialogue by Plato, or Legendary Dragon ...


Aug. 9th, 2007 07:06 pm
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Night Rushes Nearer
Originally uploaded by tamaranth
This time last week I was driving back from the Welsh coast to the Shropshire dales, in light that felt like autumn and sudden gloomy cloudings.

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