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Jul. 2nd, 2007

Have already mentioned, I believe, my Property Investment: paid for two years ago, not actually built yet (as I discovered very recently) and, despite my efforts six months ago with Financial Advisor, still mine.

Financial Advisor has moved to Australia, apparently: it took me some time to find that out. Since then I have been dealing with his boss, D, to whom I last (and indeed first) spoke over a month ago.

Emailed D earlier to enquire what was happening. Have just had a stroppy email from him going on about me not answering my mobile (I have told him several times that I work in a mobile-free zone) and how I need to go and see him in person before anything can happen.

Not what he said before.

I am SO SICK OF THIS. Despite the company's stated objective of staying in touch ("... to empower our clients by giving them the necessary information and tools that enable them to make better personal, lifestyle and financial choices.") getting information is like getting blood out of a stone.
Latest email from D, my sole contact at Financial Advice Co:


[ex Advisor] has his files out of the office. What I have done is list what we have on the system here and put them on a basic client card for us to use as a working document.

Could you add in / amend the figures on this to update as to your current position, save and email back.

Best regards"

Am busily perusing the FSA website for something with which to rap their knuckles for BAD DPA COMPLIANCE.

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