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Jun. 29th, 2007

QUINN DIRECT ARE BAD. And incompetent. And possibly have left me with no valid insurance at all. I did point out to them that I'd have a problem if the new car was four *hours* late, let alone four *days*.]

Also they have managed to update my postal address so it reads:
[first line of my address]
[second line of garage address]
[town I live in]
[postcode of garage]
and then had the temerity to make me answer security questions to prove I was who I said I was, as clearly I didn't know my own postcode because it's not mine.

TOYOTA TOLLHOUSE ARE GOOD. My salesperson was away yesterday, but rang me this morning to announce that he'd arranged a courtesy car, and yes, my co-insured could also be put on the insurance.

- all ok, and I have a co-driver for weekend excursions
- I will warn everyone I know about QUINN DIRECT
- When renewal time comes, I will insure via a reputable company that knows how to work its own computer system
- I may also write a Stroppy Letter, though I am not sure that anyone there can read

Am new at this. What happens if I want to desert Current Insurer before renewal date?

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