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Mar. 19th, 2007

Another Monday, another set of technological setbacks preventing my posting this 'til late.

'See the Other Side', by Tatyana Tolstaya

I first encountered Tolstaya's fiction in the Guardian, some time in the early 1990s. I wish I could find that story again. I have both her collections of short fiction, but I wasn't aware until recently that she'd written a post-apocalypse novel, Slynx. Her writing is often labelled 'magic realist', but to me it has quite a different flavour from the Latin / Mediterranean writers (Marquez, Eco, Allende, de Bernieres on a good day) that I tend to associate with that style.
My cats are refusing to drink tap water. They have just sucked up nearly a litre of Evian.

I can't help wondering if the recent fiddling by the water board (no mains water 8am - 7pm last week) has done something nasty.

Ditto the lack of water pressure in the flat -- have just been negotiating with Upstairs re shower times.

The cats usually get through a reasonable amount of water, but I've noticed recently that they aren't drinking much of the water I put down for them ...

... or are they just taking advantage of being the most spoilt cats anywhere, ever, in the history of the universe?
This is what happened when I started running a bath. See previous post. Cats are clevver.
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