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Mar. 15th, 2007

Very brief post today due to teknology
'Pirates', by Michael Swanwick
Can you guess this week's theme yet?
(NB for values of 'week' signifying 'Monday to Sunday')
Is there a quick way of opening every link on a page? or every link in a selection?

I have a long long list of bugs to review: I am currently opening each bug link in a new tab using right-click, T. My hands hurt and I have another thousand or so to go.

In the words of (l)users since computing began, "There has to be an easier way of doing this!"*

*apart from saying 'yep, I reviewed all the bugs fixed since last release, and none of them require documentation'. Also, a small logical issue with this response...
I don't know, it may just be this (werk) laptop and its weirdo settings (or the fact I'm connecting via wireless with a heavy, purring cat lying on my left arm) but LJ has been exceptionally flaky this evening.

I swear I just clicked the following LJ entry in the usual way -- and have been logged in for a while! -- but look what came up in the URL ...

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