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Feb. 8th, 2007


Feb. 8th, 2007 10:03 am
tamaranth: me, in the sun (Default)
I have defeated Pilbo. I gave it a stern look, tore up the instructions and approached it as a 3D puzzle. Twenty minutes later, we were done.

Shiva is most impressed (she's rubbing her face against the nice 90° corner) but disappointed that she cannot fit into it.


Feb. 8th, 2007 10:45 am
tamaranth: me, in the sun (Default)
What a lovely word is glissade. Though, strictly speaking, the progress of the car in front of me this morning was not a glissade, as it was almost certainly not controlled.

I was driving a courtesy car. It has power steering, big buttons on the stereo and does not stall. And it is a prettier colour than my poor beaten-up Saxo. Do I really have to give it back when the accident repairs are done?

Pilbo and I are now the best of friends. I shall be checking out beaches for more Content.

Rothko and I are not friends. Yesterday, Rothko (well, one of his works) fell upon me in the office and left me bruised*. My opinion of him is not thereby improved.

The cats declined to frolic in the snow. In fact, they did a very good impression of a pair of those black fluffy cushions you can buy in Matalan. And no one in their right mind would thrust a cushion out of the French windows onto the verandah.

I am gradually adding all my books to LibraryThing. The order is random, based on daily selection of Next Box to Catalogue. There are 25 boxes to go. And I suspect I will be thinning my collection soon: I own books that I suspect I will never read, and some that I doubt I'll ever reread. And books are heavy.

or does this make me a philistine?

* actually, the bruise may be a leftover from manhandling Pilbo into the car the other night. But Rothko walloped me in the exact same place, and it hurt.

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