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Jan. 25th, 2007

1. I still love snow. When I was a child, I used to revel in it, and my parents would look at me sorrowfully and tell me that I'd change my mind soon enough when I grew up and had to drive in it.

Nah. It's lovely.

And two hours, yesterday, in a traffic jam on the 'closed' M25 (jackknifed lorry) was really not so bad. I was in a warm car with a decent stereo and a nice view of snow. I can think of worse places to be. Any railway station, for instance.

2. Yesterday, whilst crawling past the site of last week's Close Encounter, I was listening to my latest CD acquisition, a fabulous compilation of Baroque music from Latin America entitled Moon, Sun and All Things. I heard a track from this album ages ago on Radio 3 -- ¡Albricias, mortales! -- and noted it as one to watch out for. The piece that really stands out, though, is ¡Salga el torillo hosquillo! by Diego José de Salazar, written about 1700. It's a villancio ('popular choral work', it says here) framing religious narrative in the metaphor of a bullfight. It's thrilling, and it brightened my morning considerably. (There's a sample on the Amazon page: track 4.) [ profile] ianmcdonald, was this the CD you were recommending to me as soundtrack?

3. The Priory Street microclimate is especially mild. This morning, all the ice had melted off my windscreen by the time I went outside, and a light drizzle was mizzling down. I was disappointed: but luckily, it was still snowy at the top of the hill.

4. When I got to werk this morning (undelayed) it was snowing. From a clear blue sky. Beautiful, but slightly confusing!

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